Tips on how to Minimize Pores in Face

minimize pores

I myself have obvious pores especially on inner cheeks, there are several ways to minimize your pores, this is just some of what I've researched on.

There exists no permanent way to close pores; however the use of a good toner after cleansing your face helps to close them temporarily.

-Fundation.Apply a foundation to hide the open pores. The foundation also acts as a protective layer between your skin and any pollutants. This is possibly the best way to conceal open pores in a hurry.

-Tomato Juice.However if you do not use make up then tomato acts as a good toning agent as well. Apply tomato juice to your skin regularly with a piece of cotton and leave it on for about 20 minutes each time. The tomato helps in shrinking the pores by reducing the sebum production and thus the pores open less and appear smaller.

-Mashed Papaya.You can also try mashed papaya; apply it directly to your skin and wash it off with Luke warm water after a while.

-Ice(my own remedy).Finally one the effective and best ways to close pores in a hurry is to rub a piece of ice or an ice cube wrapped in a cloth to your skin. The cold from the ice cube helps shrink the pore openings and also helps decrease the oil (sebum) production for a small amount of time.

-Other Tips.Avoid consuming foods that are high in fats and spices and drink a lot of water daily, its keeps your body healthy and sebum production levels lower.

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