Looking for a safe Skin Lighteners?

Safe Skin Lighteners - Safest Ingredients

Let’s take a look at some safer alternatives.  The ingredients that you will see in the safest whitening creams include:
• Bearberry
• Mulberry
• White mulberry
• Paper mulberry
• Licorice extract
• Vitamin C
• Nut-grass root, which is also known as coco-grass, purple nut sedge and red nut sedge

Of these ingredients, clinical trials have shown that nut-grass root is the most effective.  You see, skin lighteners work by inhibiting melanin production.  Melanin is responsible for the darker pigmentation that you see.

Other extracts have been shown to inhibit melanin production by only 8.9% at a .5% concentration, which is generally considered a non-irritation concentration.  A 0.5% concentration of nut-grass root inhibits melanin production by over 41%.  It is obviously more effective than hydroquinone, because all of the companies that include that ingredient use a 2% concentration.




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Are you Looking for "the Best Acne Treatment"?

I'm suffering from acne since higschool and I have already graduated from college, still I have problems on acne. I've tried do many ways, including facial treatment, Not DERMA treatment because it's too expensive. I've also tried Proactive Solution but it doesn't work for me. Sometimes may acne fades but acne marks or scars remains for a very long time until I'm going to have acne again and my marks just keeps on increasing in number. Now, i really want to end this.

I did my research until I came up on Roaccutane (Isotretinoin), I became intrigued by this medication because I heard many good reviews about it. BUT it has also negative reviews. Side effects are common to those who took this drug. I'll be posting about Roaccutane in my future post. It was also said that dermatologists uses this medication as a LAST Resort. Meaning, you've tried different medications, including topical and others and nothing really works. PLUS you have really severe acne. I'm not placing my acne status on severe, cause I know how severe acne looks like. I could say that my acne is in slightly moderate status. But still, who don't want a clear skin? And who does want acne on their faces??? I did a lot of research on how to get rid of acne. Until I got into something that interests me. This self treatment is safe and a must try for me. Want to know my treatment as of now? I've tried this for about 5 days now, i plan on giving reports every week or every two weeks. Watch out and I'll be sharing this treatment on my next post.
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