Causes Of Chapped Or Cracked Lips

I experience cracking of lips oftentimes, I use differetn solutions but it keeps coming back, why are we getting cracked lips??? I've researched and they say that main causes for chapped lips are:

Lip licking - This is a habit that can lead to chapping of lips on account of the loss of natural oils. The chemicals in saliva work on the sensitive skin on the lips and causes them to chap.

Smoking - The natural oil from the lips is lost due to smoking

Dry weather - Living in a dry place can make your skin parched and craving for hydration. It is essential to get enough water to keep your skin and lips adequately hydrated.

Outdoors - The sun and wind also have a drying effect on your skin and lips. Sunburn can also cause chapping.

Vitamin deficiencies - Deficiency of riboflavin or other Vitamin B group or iron can lead to chapped lips.

Other causes - Allergic reaction to cosmetics such as lipstick or lip gloss. Ill-fitting dentures and lip biting can lead to chapping of lips. A diet lacking in essential fatty acids can also lead to chapped and dry lips.