New You

There have been lots of changes that have happened to our world in terms of science, technology and a lot more but still people are still facing problems like financial problems that is evident in today’s latest issue, the global financial crisis. This global financial crisis can really be seen in the increasing unemployment rate in some affected countries. But event though we experience these problems, we still have to continue life and live the best way we can. In life, you should learn how to go with the flow or else you will be left behind. Some may experience life full of limitations before. But with these limitations comes his motivation in working hard and becoming a Nouveau Riche. New rich or new money is what Nouveau Riche really means or a person who suddenly risen to higher economic status. In one article, it uncovered dozens of Billionaire entrepreneurs; they are also called Nouveau Riche. One example in that article is that of Furstenburg who became a billionaire because of becoming a new man and having a real estate business. He is one of the many guys who became successful because of becoming a new man and a new millionaire.


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I am confuse Emjei. I though your blog is about health and beauty.. Now economic news?.. Thanks for this post anyway. I learn something
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