Genital Warts?

In the afternoon today, we had our discussion about the different diseases that is common these days. One of the many diseases common today is the STDs specifically the genital warts caused by a human papillomavirus. According to a study by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention there are 20 million infected US citizens. This can be alarming so better to have the right information about the disease to be able to prevent it. Genital warts can easily be recognized and diagnosed by the physician or health care professionals. Symptoms of genital warts looks like a small cauliflower bumps that are flesh in color. Women may have it on their vaginal lips, cervix and uterus. Men may have it on their penis, urethra and rectal area. This disease is also called venereal warts. For more information about the disease, you can try to visit the website: and learn more about the disease. They have a section in their website, Genital Warts and Pregnancy, which may tell you if you or your baby is at risk of having this disease or the effect on both of you. This website is really helpful and useful in reducing the rate of incidence of this disease.


Tey said...

yay this can be painful to remove. Hi Emjei, How are you?
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Chris Lanson said...

Just like Herpeset Genital Herpes Relief the HPV remedy works by releasing counter-symptoms similar to the ones the virus brings and eventually neutralizes them. Genital warts also known as HPV Infection is caused by the human papillomavirus [HPV] of which over a hundred strains have been identified by doctors.