Fighting Acne with Exercise

Could exercise really help fight acne? Actually in a way yes, but how? This article is from Know the benefits of exercise on your skin.

Daily exercise can be extremely beneficial to your overall skin health and can also help clear it of acne too.

Regular exercise increases the flow of blood and oxygen to the skin cells. When you sweat, your body expels toxins through the skin with ease from the opened pores. Sweating effectively cleans the pores from dirt, dead skin cells and excess sebum.

When you exercise, your kidneys and liver work more effectively in removing toxins from the body. Stress is also reduced from exercise and both of these are known causes of acne.

It is a good idea after exercising to take a shower. This washes away the sweat and any other waste material ejected from the body. It also prevents the growth of bacteria which is attracted to sweat.

After exercise be sure to drink plenty of water. Water is essential for ridding the body of toxins and to replace all the water lost from sweating. Acne has been shown to occur in people who aren't drinking enough water.

Almost all exercises are great and the more you sweat the better. Walking, jogging, cycling, swimming and team sports are all suitable. If you can, try to exercise outdoors in the fresh air and sunshine.

Swimming is excellent due to being in water which helps to fully cleanse the pores. It is important to rinse yourself after swimming to clean off the chlorine on your body which can leave your skin really dry.

One of the best exercises for acne is using a mini-trampoline. Jumping on a mini-tramp is beneficial for your lymphatic system. Your lymph is controlled by movement and operates best when exercising.

The lymph provides the cells with the nutrients it needs and is also responsible for removing and eliminating cell waste and toxins. If the lymph is insufficiently activated, the cells swim in their own waste which can block pores and when bacteria starts to grow in blocked pores it causes acne.

It has been reported that rebounding can increase the flow of your lymph by up to 30 times. It has also been stated that rebounding is possibly the best exercise ever invented because it has so many benefits.

Not only does exercise benefit the skin, it also has emotional and mental benefits. It is good for stress relief as stated earlier but also good for keeping the mind focused and active. Apart from exercise, proper sleep and relaxation are also good for reducing stress.