How to Prevent Cellulitis

Cellulite is a skin infection. It is underlying skin tissues that can affect any part of the body. It usually occurs because of some cut, scratch or broken skin getting bacteria infection which causes pain, inflammation, swelling, heat and redness on the affected area.

How can prevention be takenimage

protect the kids from getting bruises or cuts and don't ignore their wounds as kids have stringer chances to get infected by cellulites. If your kids are in sports or outdoor activities then make them wear the right equipments during their play or activity. Always wash the wound or cut with soap water or antiseptic lotion. Apply adhesive bandage or gauge on the cut or wound. If the cut is really deep then seek the doctor. You or the kid might need stitches on it. Always keep the wound clean and seek a doctor's advice if it's an insect bite or animal bite before the situation goes out of control.


John said...

Just to add that we usually get cellulitis from bacterias that we can find on our body and when we are healthy, we call it skin flora.