Wanted to Get Rid of your Eyebags?

Eye bags can make anyone look older than their real age. Fortunately, there are many remedies to solve this problem experienced by most people.

Here are the remedies to remove eye bags:1. There are cosmetic surgeries which can remove eye bags, though relatively expensive, these may be the most effective method to improve a person’s appearance.

This is how this invasive procedure works: surgeons would remove the fats which gives an unsightly bulge under the eyes. After removing this, they would tighten the lose skin.
For those people who don’t want surgical procedures, they can opt for botox injection under the eyes. This may provide a temporary solution that can last for four to six months.

Another alternative method is Laserlight. This procedure stimulates the collagen formation under the eyes and can greatly improve unsightly eye bags.

2. Dermabrasion is another cosmetic procedure to reduce the appearance of eye bags. This removes the dead skin cells around the eyes which then stimulates the formation of smoother and brighter skin.

3. There are over-the-counter eye creams which can reduce the appearance of dark circles around the eyes. Choose creams which contain vitamins C and other chemicals which are know to lighten skin. There are also brands which claim to burn fats under the eyes (which make it puffy), just be sure that it has FDA approval.

People can also use eye creams which can reduce the appearance of fine lines (this can aggravate the appearance of eye bags) and effectively make the skin tighter around the eyes.

When applying eye creams, always use the ring finger since this provides less pressure compared to other fingers. The skin around the eyes is very thin compared to the other parts of the body, so people must gently apply creams on this area with a gentle dub.

4. One of the common causes of eye bags is due to lack of sleep, so for those sleep-deprived-people a good night sleep may be the best solution for dark circles.

5. There are many kitchen ingredients which can reduce the unsightly appearance of eye bags. One of the most commonly use is cold cucumber. Just, simply put it under the eyes for a couple of minutes and feel its soothing effect that will brighten up the eyes.

6. Tea can brighten up the eyes and improved the appearance of dark circles. Soak two bags of tea in cold water and put these under the eyes for a couple of minutes. This procedure is ideal to do every morning.

7. Don’t sleep with a make-up. No matter how exhausted the person is, it is very important to wash the face. It is also ideal to use make-up removal in cleaning the eye area.

8. For those people who have already tried various ways to eliminate dark circles around their eyes but still didn’t get any good result, they can opt for a good eye concealer which must be one tone lighter from the skin to effectively cover up the eye bags.


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Since dark circles can be caused by dehydration be sure to drink enough water (eight 8-oz glasses per day) and avoid things that cause dehydration, including alcohol, caffeine, and sugar. dermatology laser

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