Tips on preventing Acne

Living life with oily face and having breakouts every now and then, I've tested different products and did few regimens to prevent acne. There are a lot of acne products in the market that would help cure acne but still we need to do something that would prevent having an acne in the first place. This is preventing it from within. There's a point in time that I was able to convince myself to go healthy on my food choices. As Asian, rice is always a part of a meal. I've tried to remove rice as a start since I've been gaining weight and I've noticed a change on my skin. I always have an acne one after another but this time is stopped. I just realized that minimizing carbs on your diet helps clear your skin! Of course this might differ from one person to another. I'll be trying to monitor if this would be permanent and will give updates soon. Ciao!